Fibromyalgia – What A Veterinarian Would Say

In the veterinary industry, fibromyalgia is known as ‘stiff lamb disease’ or ‘white muscle disease’ in lambs, calves and pigs. In this industry fibromyalgia cures are possible because of supplementation with trace minerals, particularly selenium and Vitamin E.

Ask any farmer living in an area where there is a low level of selenium in the soils and they’ll tell you that they give newborn and pregnant animals a nutritional supplement containing selenium and vitamin E.

by Paul Newland
If you apply this same ‚Äòfarm logic‚Äô to humans then perhaps fibromyalgia cures might just be possible with some simple supplementation and dietary changes. If you want to verify this (like I did), go and ask a farmer how they treat their newborn lambs or calves and then come back and finish reading this article! You could also run a Googlsearch for ‚Äòstiff lamb disease‚Äô – you’ll find references full of Vitamin E and selenium.

In humans the disease is also known as adult-onset muscular dystrophy, and while the condition is not fatal it’s thought by some to be a multiple deficiency disease involving widespread free radical damage and aggravated by a high intake of fried foods and vegetable oils.

It’s important to note that many vegetable oils (such as olive oil), which people regard as safe, turn into damaging free radicals when they are heated. It’s always safer to cook with butter on low heat and totally avoid margarine.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Before we get to Fibromyalgia cures we’ll discuss the symptoms. Firstly, Fibromyalgia is characterised by widespread pain and fatigue. Pain in the soft tissue is the main fibromyalgia symptom; other symptoms include: intense muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, joint pain, numbness and tingling, problems with concentration and memory, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, sensitivity to cold and bladder problems.

Fibromyalgia Treatment
While scientists continue their search for fibromyalgia cures, here are the key points of a fibromyalgia natural treatment involving diet, lifestyle and supplements . . . Diet and Lifestyle:

Totally eliminate all vegetable oils and fried food as well as sugar – this only causes more free radical damage to an already damaged body biochemistry.

Regular exercise and stretching may help with sleep and with easing muscle pain. The exercises must be low impact and just enough to get your heart rate up a little and the muscles warmed up – about 20 to 30 minutes is fine. Finish with light stretching movements for about 10 minutes. Gentle yoga is very beneficial for fibromyalgia and is thoroughly recommended – it allows you to stretch, train your muscles and relax at the same time!

Massage – find a good massage therapist, book a few sessions with them and have them teach you how to self massage and stretch as part of an approach to fibromyalgia cures.

Fibromyalgia Supplements
The key to natural fibromyalgia cures and natural treatment lies in giving back the body the missing nutrients so that the body can repair itself:

* Supplement with Essential Fatty Acids – about 9 grams per day to make up for the reduction in your intake of oils.

* The Antioxidants Selenium & Vitamin E are important nutriets to assist with neutralizing and repairing free radical damage associated with the disease.

* Plant derived minerals are a 98% absorbable form of Selenium and other trace minerals important for repair and nutrition and will be very helpful.

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