Treating Tinnitus with Acupuncture

Tinnitus can be considered as a widespread disease. Millions of people worldwide suffer in tinnitus.

But what is tinnitus? – Tinnitus is defined in medicine as ringing or buzzing in the ears. The sounds, which only patients can hear, can have a lot of different forms like high-frequency ringing or low–frequency buzzing. All kind of noises are imaginable. For people, who suffer in tinnitus, this is of course often very bothering and affects the person’s life considerably.

Michael Mueller
Causes for tinnitus are very manifold. Mostly tinnitus is caused by an extreme noise pollution. For example loud music in discotheques or at a rock concert is a quite common cause. But also psychological problems like stress can lead to tinnitus.

So to be able to cure tinnitus at first it is necessary to find the causes for it and to eliminate these causes. Only then a therapy can be promising. There are lots of different methods of treatment for tinnitus. However, every patient will react on them differently and so it is not possible to describe one method which will always help.

But one promising method, which is often disregarded, is acupuncture. Personal stories of tinnitus patients, who are treated with acupuncture, show that this method of treatment can be a reasonable alternative in comparison with orthodox medicine. In ear acupuncture special points at the patient’s ears are treated with needles. Normally such a treatment lasts for several months. But in most cases at least a decrease of the bothering noise is recognisable. Often it can be cured totally.

So a treatment of tinnitus with acupuncture should always be considered and discussed with an ear specialist.

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