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A Behavioral Approach to Hypertension

Hypertension is not just a disease of aging. Young men and women can suffer from its damaging, sometimes killing, effects. Please do not take this condition lightly. Get it treated as soon as possible before it creates lasting damage and adversely effects your life as you do age.

High blood pressure can be a very dangerous, and often untreated, symptom of stress. In fact, perhaps 70% of all high blood pressure problems are related to emotional responses to difficult or dangerous situations. When this response becomes habituated by your body, the prolonged high blood pressure can lead to long term permanent physical damage such as hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), heart, strokes, liver, or kidney damage. These can be very serious and very scary, but many people do not know they have high blood pressure or do not treat this potential killer disease.
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Treating Tinnitus with Acupuncture

Tinnitus can be considered as a widespread disease. Millions of people worldwide suffer in tinnitus.

But what is tinnitus? – Tinnitus is defined in medicine as ringing or buzzing in the ears. The sounds, which only patients can hear, can have a lot of different forms like high-frequency ringing or low–frequency buzzing. All kind of noises are imaginable. For people, who suffer in tinnitus, this is of course often very bothering and affects the person’s life considerably.
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Understanding the Detox Diet

Detoxification occurs in our bodies daily. Our internal organs, the colon, liver and intestines, help our bodies eliminate toxic and harmful matter from our bloodstreams and tissues. Often, our systems become overloaded with waste. Today’s over processed foods and environmental pollutants can easily overwhelm our delicate systems and cause toxic matter to build up in our bodies.

Detox diets are designed to help your body rid itself of the toxic matter buildup and lose weight. If you feel sluggish, have frequent colds, digestive problems or just aren’t feeling your best, you may have a toxicity issue. A detox diet will help you clean the harmful matter from your body and lose weight.
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Fibromyalgia – What A Veterinarian Would Say

In the veterinary industry, fibromyalgia is known as ‘stiff lamb disease’ or ‘white muscle disease’ in lambs, calves and pigs. In this industry fibromyalgia cures are possible because of supplementation with trace minerals, particularly selenium and Vitamin E.

Ask any farmer living in an area where there is a low level of selenium in the soils and they’ll tell you that they give newborn and pregnant animals a nutritional supplement containing selenium and vitamin E.
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Bach Flower Remedies

I have to thank my son’s bump on the head for some of my conviction about the benefit of Bach flower remedies.

Jon was about a year old and had hit his head quite badly. The bump was swelling before my eyes, and I decided to try out the Bach rescue cream that I’d recently purchased.

The bump was partly in his hair and partly on his forehead. I carefully put the cream on – it was difficult to get the cream close to the skin where his hair was.

The next day the bruise on his forehead had gone completely, but the bruise in his hair was still there, although it was not as bad as I had expected it to be. This amazed me and made me determined to learn about these amazing remedies.
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